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ok then I KNEW better than to do this but here I at the last hatch for the season and it being my first staggard.
I have a hovabator 1588.
Today is day18 for chicken eggs, turner is removed, humidity is up.
However the two turkey eggs still have ten days to go not three like the chickens.
I understand I will have to ignore lockdown and hand-turn turkey eggs.
Question: how often does one turn turkey eggs?
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Turn them when you get up, around 4:00pm and when you go to bed.
Turning them a little less for a few days won't matter. I had a hatch where 1 day a week I couldn't turn more than once a day because of my schedule and there were no problems. I have done the coat hanger trick. I set 2 eggs later after I had my incubator going. I just slid the wire through the vent hole and rolled them around a little a couple times a day until the others finished hatching. They hatched fine 5 days later. If it's only for a few days you don't have to worry about turning them perfectly. Even when you are hand turning normally you don't have to space it evenly. That's why you want to turn an odd number of times a day. If you turn them after a few hours one time during the day but after more than 12hours over night then turning 3 times results in a different side being up each day/night for the short or long period making it even. If you only turn twice the same side will be up at night and during the day so if one time period is longer the chick will be shoved against that side longer for all 3 weeks.

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