staggared hatch incubation and hatching.

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13 Years
Apr 18, 2010
Rigby, Id
Well I am really new and have done about 3 hatches with my cabinet incubator and I am wondering if you all have good luck with incubation and hatching in the same incubatior? I ask because I have had mixed experiences. One hatch was awesome and then the next was not so good. Please chime in if you have experiences whith this. Do you incubate in one and then put your eggs into a seperate hatcher? Just wondering. Thanks Also if you have any plans for home made hatchers I would be interested in that as well.
I incubate in a cabinet incubator and I hatch in table top models. I tried hatching in the cabinet one time, and did not like it.

I prefer incubating in the cabinet, as it is "set them and forget them," for 18 days. I can add eggs in at any time, since I remove them on day 18 and put them in the hatcher. I like the table tops to hatch in, so I can easily see what is happening inside.

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