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Hi all-

I picked up eggs from someone who set a few on different dates, put them in my incubator and added few more so I have 9 eggs, 3 different hatch dates.

First eggs are due by this weekend. How many days before should I increase humidity?

Currently it's at 40% and I'm using a HovaBator with humidikit, humidity increases quickly when I change the setting and it maintains very well.

How many days are the other eggs on? I'd increase the humidity a bit once they start pipping externally and keep it in the 60's for the duration of the hatch, as much as possible.
A bit high, yes, but if it's not for too long they should be fine and you can always keep an eye on the air cells after to check how they are developing? I've never incubated eggs with different hatch dates together, but I know it can be done successfully :)
Yes I know it can, I'm just not sure I can do it lol. I've read a bunch of threads but not too many have been updated with success/failure rates or exact methods used. Lots of good advice though.

I'm going to try it this way. I'm already a bit concerned about air cells in 2 shipped eggs and feel a bump in humidity would be a good thing.

Thanks again for your assurance :)
I'll update with method/results in case it will help anyone else.
I didn't plan to stagger for sure but I need the chickens. I was actually planning to buy chicks but the hatchery is sold out of Turkens and this is what I could my hands on so I'm giving it a shot

First 4 eggs due 8/17
3 due 8/25 includes 2 shipped eggs
3 due 8/29
I'm using a HovaBator with fan and a Humidikit set to 40%. Hand turning eggs 3 times daily through day 13. Temp ranges 99.2 to 100.2 so average is about right. All but the 2 eggs set for the last hatch were started in another persons incubator. 3 were duds.
2 eggs with loose air cells are propped with fat end on a folded paper towel, will place in an egg carton when I see pips and increase humidity.
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