staggered hatching and lockdown


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So How can you stagger hatch when lockdown is necessary, but the younger eggs still need to be rotated? Should you stop flipping, or flip quickly or something else?

If anyone has a helpful thread on stagger hatching I would appreciate it, also.
The turning, the changes in humidity levels, and different aged chicks to brood are why I don't do staggered hatches, so I don't have any real experiences with staggered hatches. I don't know your specific conditions so I don't know what I would do in your circumstances.

The only way I know of to do it and follow the turning and humidity recommendations is to have a separate incubator to move the eggs to when they go into lockdown. If you don't have a separate incubator and one set of eggs is more important to you than the other, I suggest following the recommendations for turning and lockdown for them and hope for the best from the others.

There is not guarantee that all of a group of eggs will not hatch if you don't follow the recommendations exactly and there is no guarantee that the eggs will all hatch if you do follow the recommendations exactly. If you follow the recommendations you improve your odds of a good hatch. If you do not follow the recommendations you decrease the odds of a good hatch. There is no guarantee either way.

Good luck!

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