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    I did a search on BYC first to see if there were threads on the subject of painting and staining but didn't quite find an answer to my question.

    I ordered a little pine coop and run and when it arrives I will be staining all of the exterior pieces with a deck stain or similar. The interior is untreated as well and it would be great to have the wood inside protected a bit from wear and tear.

    Is stained wood OK to have around chickens? I wondered the same thing about paint...won't they be curious and peck at things?

    I have time.... The coop can be stained and left to "cure" until the end of March or possibly April. I also need to do work on predator proofing the bottom edges of the coop and run and do various things prior to the chicks' arrival.

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    The stain will not harm your chickens if you let it air out. I'd say to avoid lead based materials but you have just about zero chance of finding any even if you try. Get a good stain that seals the surface for longevity. This is an excellent time to be doing this, since stores are gearing up for the new season. You may find stains at very low cost because they are last years stock. Also, check the "oops" section in Lowes and Home Depot for stains as low as $1 a gallon. I got a few gallons of ion oxide red barn paint at $1 each a few weeks back.
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    Oh - good. At least a month of airing will have occurred by the time I'm ready for the chickens to live in it.

    I have some stain that I bought to keep an outdoor picnic table safe from the elements. It is a clear/natural deck stain.

    I don't have to use that though....the main concern is the safety of the chickens.[​IMG]
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    personally i would not do anything to the interior just in case, and I dont think it would do that much as far as holding up wear and tear. On the outside I would think the type of stains and paint they use for childrens rooms would be best, they are the least toxic.

    I am sure that whatever you do would be fine but in my opinion why take the chance. Just thought I would throw my 2 cents in lol
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    I'm grateful for all opinions.... I go a little nuts in trying to make sure my pets are well taken care of.

    I KNOW even before I start that these chickens will be pets and hopefully they will lay too! [​IMG]
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    If you paint the interior white or a very light color (prime first, then paint with semigloss) it makes it much brighter and more inviting for chickens, also makes it easier for them to find their way up to the roost at dusk. IMO semigloss paint is MUCH MUCH easier to clean poo off of than bare wood. And while you might not think poo would get on the walls, unless your chickens are a lot different than my chickens it sometimes will [​IMG]

    A month of airing is waaay plenty [​IMG] Basically you just want it so that when the coop has been closed up for a day and you stick your head in it doesn't smell like solvent. That should take between a day or two and a week or two, depending on your paint, your weather, and your coop's ventilation.

    Good luck, have fun,

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    I know about how poop flies! [​IMG] I have 45 little finches in my living room in various flight cages... You'd be amazed at where I find poop!

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