Stalking or just networking?


12 Years
Nov 14, 2009
Boyers, Pa
So, I take pictures. Recently I posted a craigslist ad for models to get some portfolio work. It worked out well, believe it or not. LOL Anyway, this one girl answered and we did a shoot. Pictures turned out well, she loves them. I thought that was it. She joined the modeling site I was on and 'liked' my facebook page. I figured she's just networking. Then she friend requested every single person on both pages. (even old friends that live across the country! Even the random people in other countries that I had on my list.) Then she emailed every single person on both pages that live in the general vicinity. Asked models to do a shoot with her, asked photographers to do pictures of her. My daughter is a model on my page, she friend-ed her. Figured out my personal FB account from there and friend requested me! I'm getting emails from tons of people saying shes emailing them.

I'm torn this just networking or is she cyberstalking me? LOL It seems silly even saying that but why is she requesting my friends in London? I get the locals, I really saves her from doing a ton of work to find everyone local. I understand that completely. But why other models, especially minors?

So, am I thinking too far into this?
This may sound crazy but it actually sounds quite normal model behavior to me. Many of the models around here do the same thing.
She sounds REALLY crazy.

I would email her and tell her to STOP. And if she doesn't stop, I would threaten calling the police. She has absolutely NO reason to friend any of your friends, acquaintances, neighbors, etc. NONE.

Seriously scary.
Did she display any 'crazy' behavior or say strange things at your shoot? Maybe she just wants to be the most popular person on earth or is really driven to have everybody know her!
I think shes just networking...
but shes gone waaaay overboard to the side of creep and inappropriate...(some folks have no shut-off valve, they dont "get it"..)
So just tell her what you told us... that people are e-mailing you about her... and that it needs to stop.
She seemed perfectly normal at the shoot. She mentioned wanting to get 'back into' modeling, but didn't have any past experience to get 'back' to....but whatever, right? I figured that's why she friend requested every local photographer on my list. Its the emailing models and requesting friends across the pond that has me baffled.....and the chit chatting with the minors. Not that I'm against adults being friends with kids they's kids they don't know that bothers me. I asked my daughter about it and she said "I accepted her because she's one of your models" which, I get....funny thing is this was the only shoot in the last 2 months that my daughter didn't assist at! So, they've never met. The whole thing just strikes me as wayyy to much.

Cupman, I imagine you get stalked by models a lot, don't you?

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