Standard Blue Cochin chicks


10 Years
Feb 24, 2009
South GA
We have 10 Blue Cochin Standard chicks(they are about 2 weeks old now) up for auction...The Cochin breed are super gentle, make good mothers and beautiful also, a great addition to any flock...these will be blue, black and splash....we will ship when weather permits by express mail...please visit us at our website and check out the Rare and Hertiage breeds that we preserving for the We thank you for looking and if we can help you with anything please let us know....Thanks Hodges Farms
I just wanted to say that the Cochins I got from you are huge, beautiful and SOOOOO friendly!!!! They're always helping me do yard work LOL We love them!
I am so glad that you are enjoying them...I love the Cochins to, they are super friendly birds...

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