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Hey everybody. I hope this past year was as awesome for you as it was for us!

We have experemented with a few different color genetics with our cochins and the one we love the most so far is our Lemon-blues. Some on here may recognize the couple of pics I posted of two of our young LB cochins.

Our latest, and personally I think coolest looking addition to our flock is, you guessed it, White-faced cochins! We are trying for better leg feathers and now that this little guy is old enough we can introduce better leg feathers to his offspring. He needs to be fluffy-er!
We also have a little white-faced cochin hen that I will post pics as soon as she is older.

What do you think? I would love hearing your opinions.




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How did you get the white in there?
What did you cross with?
Did you get the white on colors besides black?

I have almost every color banty cochin- can't wait until spring to start mixing it up.
Not trying to be rude...... The black bird in the bottom photo does not look remotely like any cochin I have ever seen.

I was thinking Langshan x Minorca
I think he's a juvie tho, so maybe he'll fill out?​
I was thinking Langshan x Minorca I think he's a juvie tho, so maybe he'll fill out?

I also thought langshan X. Can't see him losing that tail & long legs or getting broad & round enough.
The black bird in the bottom photo I was thinking it was a White faced black spanish crossed with a Cochin OR a White faced black spanish crossed with a Langshang...
(Its not full Chochin)

I never said it was a full cochin. We used cochin in the breeding. And I said in my first post that he isn't fluffy enough for my tastes. Was just curious what everyone thought, and if I had enough positive replys about the look, I would continue to see if I could get the line more "fluffy" like the cochins should be. And yes he is only about 5 months old.

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It's white faced spanish with black cochin. No big secret there. We have only tried this with black.

However a buff white faced spanish or golden laced white faced (or silver laced) spanish (with some leg feathers...
) does sound interesting! We could cross a splash hen with a white faced spanish roo and maybe it will be blue. Hmmmmm.

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I never said it was a full cochin.

Sorry to be a pain. Using the name cochin rather than cochin cross (or project, or whatever), implies that the bird is, supposedly, a purebred.

Same with any breed. For instance, if one calls a bird a leghorn one expects a leghorn not a leghorn cross. Similarly the sex linked crosses are often said to be first crosses, & everyone is very keen to explain that they are in fact crosses & not any pure breed.​

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