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    When gathering eggs this morning, I happened upon a sad sight..........not 1, not 2, but 3 hens stuffed into 1 nestbox!! I couldn't believe they could cram themselves into that small space. Now, technically, I have two nestboxes, but the second one has been used as a roost, and is poopy, but there is still the doghouse, which is very roomy and has nice shavings in it.

    Got a picture, but of course the Banvevelder girl had given up and left. Here are Ginseng the EE and Gingersnap the RSL doing their thing.

    And Bertha, waiting for her turn
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    Aug 1, 2010
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    Chickens are SO silly!
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    Yesterday I had two in one box. One facing out and one facing in. The one facing in was trying to turn around to get her egg laying end in the box, but there was no room. Finally she shifted and squirmed until her head was behind the other girl and I watched her push until" Ms. Facing Out" jumped out of the box. The pusher then settled in did her job. They are so funny. I could watch them for hours.

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