Star-Gazing Fits in week-old Chicks


In the Brooder
May 16, 2017
A broody bantam of mine recently hatched 5 chicks a week ago. We have been keeping them, along with the mother, in a cardboard brooder in our house lined with newspaper and pine sawdust. We have also been regularly enhancing their drinking water with electrolytes. Today the mother stepped on a chick, rendering it to go into a muscular spasm and temporarily paralyzed. We took the broody out from the brooder to offset any additional injuries and promptly set up a heat lamp. Starting with the previously-injured chick, the entire clutch began developing these symptoms: First they act uncoordinated, peeping loudly; begin stargazing, then they slowly revive from their prostrate, post-gazing state after syringe-watering, while remaining unbalanced- some with their wings held out. They constantly act thirsty, yet they have been drinking religiously since Day 3- but they, as of this afternoon, are refusing feed. They are on the Purina Non-Medicated starter ration.
Could this possibly be a Thiamin deficiency, as I have read?
Thank you so much for any input in advance!
are you sure she didn't step on all of them...?
We had a silkie chicken who did that to ducklings....
try poly vi sol without IRON ... and gently rub their necks.... this is what we did with chicks a few times a day....
who hurt each other about the neck.... and it helped...
I hope its not what you think it is...
take care...

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