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  1. StarrNico

    StarrNico Crowing

    Jun 25, 2013
    I got a story idea off of Battle of the Empires, so I decided to write it, let me know what you think

  2. StarrNico

    StarrNico Crowing

    Jun 25, 2013
    Chapter 1
    Ryan saw the mare on the action block and immediately wanted her for his own. He moved closer to the stage holding a hand up to bid on her. The bidding war that followed was quick but intense, and Ryan won in the end. He moved to pay and gather her from the holding pen, moving quickly to his ship before the other studs could follow. After reaching his ship he looked at her again "What's your name, mare?" He asked "Paige" She answered, shyly. Ryan smiled "Paige, I like it, you can keep it. I'm Ryan. Sit." He said pointing her to a chair, then getting in the pilot seat and starting the ship up. They were soon flying through space, headed to his home. He set the auto pilot and stood, towering over the centaurian mare. "Come, Paige" He said escorting her to a bedroom, and following her closely.
    After a while he emerged and returned to the controls, grinning. He would marry her when they reached his home, then he would take her out again. He didn't want her to meet any other Mermerukes until after she was pregnant and used to relying on him. He thought a moment, maybe he would keep her ship-bound, after all he barely used his tent. He let these thoughts run through his mind as they made their way to his homeworld and landed. He took care of the legalities and came to his tent where he had left Paige so he could take care of things. "Alright Paige, we leave in the morning, so get to cooking" Ryan grinned when she jumped and went to do his bidding.
    Paige was too frightened to disobey even a small request. She had a natural shyness as well as the centaurians kindness about her. She moved into the kitchen, checking the pantry for supplies. She used what she found to cook a meal for them. When she had finished she served him, surprised when be bade her sit and eat with him. She fixed a plate for herself and sat across from him, eating timidly. He waited for her to take a bite before starting in on his meal. When they had finished she moved the dishes away, cleaning up the kitchen quickly as he answered a call. She sighed softly, wondering if this would be her life from now on. She stood quietly watching him as he finished the call. He came at her, grabbing her arm and pulling her to the bedroom roughly, angry at whoever had been on the other end of the call. He had left before she woke the next morning, and she was too sore to move quickly. She eased herself to a standing position and went to see what to make for breakfast. She had just finished when he came back in and took his place at the table. She sighed softly and served him quickly, not wanting to be hit again. She held back until she was invited to sit and eat with him again. "We have places to be so sit, eat, and clean these dishes quickly so we can go" Ryan said shortly.
    Ryan was still in a bad mood this morning and did not take the time to wait for her before going to his room and packing a bag. When he came back out he was glad to see she had followed his instructions and stood ready to go. He grabbed her arm lightly "Do not look at anyone else, especially in the eyes, that is seen as a challenge, or invitation, and I do not have time to fight with anyone this morning." He told her and pulled her out of the tent, sealing it behind them, then heading back to his ship. He deposited her in the bedroom, and went to the cockpit to get the ship moving away from the planet and back into space.
  3. StarrNico

    StarrNico Crowing

    Jun 25, 2013
    A month had passed for Paige, each day similar to the one before. She sighed as she washed his clothes at the washing station on planet. She had only been out here a few times and already had learned not to meet the ruke mares eyes. The other centaurian mares were a lot like her, too scared to do much of anything they weren't told to. She finished washing the laundry and headed back to Ryan's tent to put the clothes away. Paige was still holding out the hope that her brother would find her and rescue her, though that hope faded even more with the passing of each day, and the uncertanty of where she would be from one day to the next. She wasn't surprised when she reached the tent to find out that they were to leave again.
    They were soon in space again, and headed towards a colony planet. He was planning on stalking and possibly capturing a few mares. He locked Paige into the bedroom and took several tags with him as he left the ship to scout out the colony. Ryan was in luck. He found the one place studs wouldn't want other studs to be, the mares' bathing station. He grinned and stepped out of the bushes, grabbing a foal. "Be nice and this youngling won't be hurt" He stated calmly and grinned at the startled mares. He tagged them quickly, even taking the foals that he could see. What he failed to see was an older filly, hidden in the bushes where she had gone to retrieve a toy for the foal he had first grabbed. He activated the tags and returned to his ship with the mares. Only then did he release the foal back to her mother and stepped out, closing the door behind him. Ryan left the dock and set off for the black market to sell the mares.
    Meanwhile the filly he had missed raced for her fathers tent to tell what had happened at the bathing station. Her father and several others went for their ships to track down Ryan and the mares and foals.
    Ryan realized he was being followed as an alarm was set off. He frowned and started to get ready to hyperjump and leave the other ships behind. The colony ships attempted to comunicate with him, though he ignored them. One of the ships flew closer and fired on Ryan's ship. Ryan cursed his own thoughtless ness as the shot took out the hyper jump engine. He set the shield up and turned the ship, fireing at the one who had hit his ship. That ship dodged and fired again and again, trying to take out the shilds, or find a weakness in them. He was soon joined by the other colony ships. They surrounded Ryan's ship and demanded surrender when the shields failed. One of the colony ships docked with Ryans ship and the studs came on board. Ryan met them and fought them to the death. They found and released the mares and foals, then found Paige and released her as well.
  4. StarrNico

    StarrNico Crowing

    Jun 25, 2013
    Paige told the colonists her story and one of them agreed to take her back to Centauria. She could not believe only two
    months had passed since the day she had been taken. Paige returned to her family and the colonist was given a reward
    for bringing her home. She soon found out that she would have a reminder of her experiences, in the form of a foal,
    sired by Ryan. She was frightened and turned to her old friend, Sam, for comfort. Sam revealed his feelings for her and
    proposed. Paige accepted, not knowing what else to do. When the foal was born, she named him Colin. Paige and Sam
    raised Colin, showing him how to act as a Centaurian, and not a Mermaruke. Eventually they had another colt, who they
    named Kyle. Kyle grew up resenting the extra attention that Colin always got, not understanding the reasons for it.
    When he was grown, Colin was told the story of his mother's capture and vowed to help other mares that had been
    captured like she had.
    He purchased a ship and formed a group, whose sole purpose was to find and rescue mares from
    the Mremerukes. One one such mission he met Grace, and eventually married her. Grace joined in his group, keeping
    records of each mare that went missing, and each that had been found and returned to her family. The mares whose
    families were gone, they helped to set them up in a new life, finding jobs or husbands for them. Grace kept the recors in
    her and Colin's home. One day Grace told Colin she was pregnant. They were both very happy with this news, though
    Colin wanted Grace to remain at home. Grace acceded to his request and eventually delivered a colt, who they named
    Orion. He looked like Colin, but had a Centaurian disposition. Neither stopped with their quest to rescue the kidnapped
    mares, and keeping the records. Their second child was a daughter they named Zena. She looked just like Grace, but had
    a ruke's temper. Their third and last daughter they named Ruth, she was a sweet foal.

    Meanwhile Kyle had met and married Eva and the two started a cafe in the city. They had one son, they named Nicholas.
    Nick met and married Eva and they are expecting their first foal.

    One day while Zena was away with a friend the rukes came to Colin's house. Colin was able to send out a call to a
    friend before they could get inside. Once inside the house one of them grabbed Grace and held her captive, demanding
    Colin's records. But that was just an excuse. One broke down the door to Ruth's room and grabbed her, holding the filly in her room. Another group entered Orions room and captured him. One more knocked down Zena's door and discovered she was not there. He returned to the group with Colin. "Bad info, boss the other filly is not here" He told the boss, who was holding Grace. He growled and lay a knife against Grace's throat "Where is she?"

    (I know this one is kinda fast and not as detailed, and I will probably re-write it, but I want to get to the next part so much)

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    Aug 25, 2011
    Awesome! :thumbsup
  6. StarrNico

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    Jun 25, 2013
  7. StarrNico

    StarrNico Crowing

    Jun 25, 2013
    "She went wih her friends and won't be back for a few days" Colin answered,
    watching the knife carefully. "Let the females go" He demanded. "Tsk, tsk. You
    know better than that, Colin. You have been disrupting my business long
    enough. That will stop." Rowan, the boss said. "Let them go and I will quit"
    Colin returned. Rowan pretended to be thinking over the offer, then turned to
    one of his rukes "Let the boy go, Pike" He said with a wink he kept hidden from
    Colin. Pike nodded and went to Orions room, he placed a tag on Orion and sent
    him out so that Colin would think he was safe, after seeing him through the
    window. Colin saw him and thought 'two safe, two to get safe' He looked to
    Rowan again. Rowan smiled "Now where are those reports you kept of the
    Colin shook his head "Not here and I will not leave to get them." Rowan
    frowned and drew a drop of blood from Grace's throat "Really?" Colin nodded
    silently. "Keith!" Rowan called out, then a scream was heard from Ruth's room.
    Rowan smiled as the scream came to a stop. Colin turned to his daughters room
    "Ruth" He called out, then turened to Rowan "You will not harm her again." He
    ground out. "Only if you do as I tell you to" Rowen said, thinking he now had
    the upper hand.
    Ruth had screamed as Hugh, a friend of her father and another member of the
    rescue group came into her room from the window. Hugh quickly took out the
    single ruke that was guarding her and teleported with her to his ship. Hugh knew
    that Colin would want his family safe before being saved himself. The half-ruke
    returned to the house, leaving Ruth in the care of his crew.
    Colin almost couldn't believe his eyes as he saw a familiar face peek around the
    corner of his daughter's room. He returned his attention to Rowan 'the kids are
    safe' He thought and sent a small signal to Grace. Grace blinked once slowly to
    acknoledge the signal. Both moved at the same time, suddenly starting to fight
    back. Grace slamed her elbow back ane used her other arm to get the knife away
    from her throat. Colin moved forward, grabbingh the knife from Rowan and
    turning to slice at the nearest ruke.
    Hugh moved in and took out a couple of rukes quickly, before they realised he was there. He raised his gun to aim for Rowan, but was stopped as Pike came up behind him, shooting him in the back. Hugh turned painfully and shot Pike with the last of his energy.
    Colin had grabbed a whip off of one of the rukes and was using it and the knife to try to help Grace. Grace had almost gotten free before Rowan grabbed her arm, twisting it in his grip and grinning evilly at her. Rowan looked around and made a slicing motion with his free arm. The rukes around him parted and one stepped forward, shooting Colin, then Grace. They retrieved the injured and Hugh, setting fire to the house before leaving.

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    wow. Amazing!!! I love it!!!!!!!!! Can not wait for more!!!!

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    Jun 25, 2013
    Grace and Collin


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