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    My rhode island red is about a year and a half old, she has been a good layer. Our weather for the summer has been clouds almost all summer. My red started to molt a couple of months ago. After awhile, it seemed like the molt was too long for what I thought. She seemed like she was coming out of the molt and had shell less eggs for about a week. Now she hasn't laid eggs in about a month and a half. They get free feed crumbles and oyster shells. their bedding is shavings. She is still free ranging during the day. She seems to have a good appetite. Her comb is bright and stands up straight. I treated her for lice in the beginning of the summer. I have kept a close eye on them for lice but haven't seen anymore symptoms of the lice. She is still losing feathers and looking raggedy. I checked her close tonight and all around her vent and tail and chest area have the feathers missing about an inch from the skin. I read about quills be replaced through the molt process. I notice when I was checking her out that her breast is almost non existent. My friend said she is probably going to die. Other than the all the quills and the small breast she seems fine. I just wish she would quit molting and start laying eggs. Help, I am a first time chicken owner and I have had her since August 2009. Not sure what to do.[​IMG]
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    My EE was like that for about 5 months, on and off laying, then completely stopped for a month or two. All the while her neck feathers were missing, then she started losing more feathers. It was her first moult and it had me concerned because I'd never seen a moult like that before that had lasted that long. She was wormed along with the others and I thoroughly inspected her for lice/mites many times with negative results. She finally started regrowing her feathers and is almost completely finished, in addition, she has started laying again. My advice to you would be to just hang in there and observe her like I did with my EE. As long as she's eating, drinking and acting like a chicken should....I dont think you have anything to worry about. You could increase her protein intake by adding buttermilk or plain yogurt and boiled egg mixed in her feed to make a mash and give it to her, this should help with feather regrowth. BTW, welcome to BYC!
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    Might help to give her some extra protein to help in building new feathers. That takes a lot out of them.

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