Started Pullets In Northeast Ohio

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    Sep 23, 2014
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    We have the following breeds available for local pick-up:

    Leghorns: Available Now
    Black Australorps: Available Now
    Cinnamon Queens (Golden Buff/ISA Brown): Available May 19
    Amber Links: Available Mid June
    California Whites: Available Mid June

    -No Roosters, just pullets
    -Will be laying by 20-22 weeks
    -Gentle breeds and great egg layers
    -Vaccinated at one day old for Marek's
    -NPIP/AI Certified Clean
    -We take Bio-Security measures for all visitors to the farm

    Please feel free to contact us with questions.
    Rootes Farms
    email: [email protected]

    Thank you!
    Due to conditions beyond our control; such as feed, environment, density, predators, housing or lighting, we are unable to guarantee production rates and/or when the pullets will start laying. Pictures are of the different breeds as mature birds. Eggs in the photo are from my layers, which are the same breeds we are offering as pullets.

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