Thought this was a brown leghorn until she started laying brown eggs


Nov 16, 2020
Our day-old chicks arrived from Abendroth's on June 17. We ordered 1 of each of the following 8 breeds:
Asian Black
Barred Rock
Brown Leghorn
California White
Cinnamon Queen
Cuckoo Maran
Easter Egger
ISA Brown

Here they are within a day of arriving:

The 2 without names are Periwinkle Houdini (top center), and Roxii (center).

Dale only survived about a day and a half, unfortunately. The other 7 are thriving, and 2 days ago we got our first egg, followed by one more yesterday, and then my daughter actually watched Hazelnut lay her egg this morning! Here they are, left to right, day 1, 2, and 3.

None of the others are squatting or giving indications that they've started laying, and I've read that a hen's 1st egg can be atypical, so I *think* these are all Hazel's eggs. BUT! I was certain Hazel was a Brown Leghorn. But my daughter watched her lay that pretty brown egg with tiny brown speckles today.

So, here are some pictures of Hazel:
2-3 Days Old:

20 Weeks:

22 Weeks - 1st Egg!

So if she's not a Brown Leghorn, what is she?!?! Inquiring minds want to know!

Here's a not very good picture of the whole flock recently. Hazel is the 2nd from the left:

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