Starter feed for pullets?


In the Brooder
May 27, 2020
Medford, Oregon
I was told that it’s OK to feed starter feed (21% protein) to my chicks past the listed 9 weeks of age, so that’s that I’ve doing. They free range, have open access to oyster shell, and get a decent amount of scraps & treats. (The kids LOVE giving out treat seeds.) I’ve gotten my first eggs this week, but have mixed ages. A group around 5-6 months old and a group at around 10 weeks old. The food brand I’ve been buying only seems to be sold as starter, layer, broiler, and all in one. I’m not concerned about the cost, just want to not cause any deficiencies or major health problems. Is it OK to continue with starter feed in this free range setting? What about when I add new chicks in the future?

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