Starter or Starter-Grower?


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May 4, 2015
New Jersey
I have five Easter Eggers, a Black Australorp, and a Barred Rock that are all around the age of two weeks.
I'm just about running out of my starter chick feed, and before I run out to the store, I want to know if I should get a Starter-Grower, Grower, or stick with just the starter feed. Suggestions?
All flock feed is fine to feed babies. I bought the wrong stuff and so my two-day olds are eating Flock Raiser right at the moment. You might mix what you have left of the starter with the grower and kind of wean them into it.

One gobbled down a big old Miller moth and is still alive.
I would go ahead and move up from just the starter feed. By about 2-3 weeks we actually were feeding our 4 barred rock and 2 leghorn hens a gamebird grower because thats what we were feeding our 2 turkeys, they turned out just fine!
I would either keep with starter/grower or grower until 14-18ish weeks, and then begin slowly transitioning to layer so that all of your hens are on layer when they start to lay around 16-22+ weeks. I would say the best option would be to get a bag of starter/grower and use it as it has all of the correct ratios of nutrients that your young chicks need for proper development until the onset of laying.

Yes you can feed all flock feed, though it isnt quite ideal unless your supplementing.

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