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Aunt Angus

5 Years
Jul 16, 2018
Nevada County, CA
I think I goofed. My girls are almost 11 weeks, and I am still feeding them starter because I didn't realize that it was starter and not starter/grower. Oops.

I don't mind buying some grower tomorrow after work, but I also wouldn't mind finishing the starter I have (I've probably got 10 lbs left, which lasts quite a while with only 4 birds).

They will eventually be layers, and they free range for about 4 hours a day. I give them the occasional handful of meal worms and/or BOSS. I've also given them cooked egg yolk and veggies. Don't know if any of that makes a difference...

Thoughts? Advice? TIA! :)
Check Protein%. 18 to 20% is good. I feed 18 to 20 percent Protein to all ages. My Golden Comets feather pick on 16% Layers feed. I feed them either a 18% Non-Medicated Start and Grow or 20% All-Flock. 20181104_162519.jpg . My girls today enjoying a dust bathe. GC
Thanks for the quick response (and the super cute pic). The starter's protein is 18%. Do you think I can finish of this bag? And maybe give them extra worms? I'm sure they won't mind - lol!

And here are 3 of my 4 dust bathing today:
You can finish off the Starter ... I used to age feed (Starter until 18wks then switch to Layer) & with only 4 pullets a 50# bag lasted forever. Then I read about feeding layers higher protein (layer is only 16%) with Oyster Shells in an extra dish. Those with mixed (gender) flocks fed Flock Raiser, All Purpose, All Flock, Multi Purpose, etc... Learned that the extra calcium in layer not good for chicks nor Roos (said to affect their liver).

So I changed over to Flock Raiser (20%) with Oyster Shells in a separate dish for a few years now. 50# last about 2 months & I've had issues with feed mites, so I split a bag into smaller (2gallon freezer) bags & freeze to keep it fresh. I also ferment their feed (must read thread).

Have been doing this for a couple years now, never had an issue with eggs/shells. The shells are pretty strong, alot stronger than the store bought ones.

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