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    Hello everyone.

    It's been quite a while since I start collaborating here. I used to live in Florida where I was much into "poultry activism" and though we accomplished somewhat of an awareness to legalizing backyard poultry, it came around the time my family and I decided to move back to the NE and couldn't continue the fight. It's been a couple of years that we've been NJ and we are now ready to start raising chickens once again after a much long time.

    In the past I have had white rocks, EE's, RIR's and Cornish crosses. In the past I always had layer hens but experimented with Cornish crosses with the hopes of one day producing my own meat birds...that didn't quite happen. I hope I can accomplish that now.

    My goal for my new flock is to have:
    1. Great egg layers of blue or brown eggs.
    2. Heritage breed meat birds; no more Cornish crosses.
    3. Tame and quiet birds for my medium sized yard.

    Breeds of thinking of:
    purebred Ameraucanas, Rhodebars, Bielefelders, Colloncas and Bresse chickens.

    I would appreciate any suggestions or ideas regarding my new flock idea in terms of the naive breeds or suggested breeds. I'm really excited and can't wait to start getting my incubator ready!

    Thank you everyone.

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