starting easter egger businuss need help

should i start a businuss with easter eggers or not?

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7 Years
Aug 13, 2012
I want to start an easter egger businuss and need to know everything about them. I have two and I am not quite sure weather they are male or female. How much can you sell them for? Can I sign up for 4h with them? Are they good to start a businuss with? Should I or should I not?
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I would do a lot of reaserch on the matter before you decide on starting a buisness. As far as 4-H I do not beleive you can show thwm since there is no real breed describetion for them but not sure for 4-H. The price depends on how much people will buy them for. You can ask a price and not always get it. Go to Amercana web site for more information.
You would goto because they discuss EE's there with info on the mixed breeding of EE verses the Ameraucana.

EE might be showable in an "all other" category, but since they are a mixed bred bird they dont meet the best in show requirements.

How many do you hope to sell a week, month, year?

Do you plan to grow out and sell sexed juveniles? or will you be selling them as day olds straight run?

If you bought them from a local feed store (hatchery stock, or direct from a hatchery then you can see what their prices are/were and price the same.

We have EE and Ameraucana together in a flock that we have and are working with. They are our eating egg suppliers, and we do sell chicks, hatching eggs and pullets. Unlike others in our area we are clear that they are EE, and not pure bred. They sell well, but not as well as our pure bred flocks.
I want to sell any where from 10-30 birds a month.
I plan to sell chicks for the first little while then work my way up to selling older birds and maybe eggs.

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