Starting flock - need advice on which chicks to keep!


7 Years
Jan 1, 2013
I have been hatching eggs since December, with a couple of setbacks (blizzard that cut our power during last days of hatch then a hurricane that knocked by fence down in the chicken area).

My goal was a show quality BBS flock. I have 6 blue/black 2 splash (1 splash is a roo). Not sure of sexes of the rest 6-12 weeks old (from good breeders still waiting for them to grow out).

I was sent some paint eggs as replacements and now have 7 paint chicks, another blue. A single black for a questionable breeder. This group of chicks is 2.5 weeks old. 4 different bloodlines in the above chicks

I have about 27 eggs in the incubator 16 from Catdance (5 BS, 1 BLK, 3 BLU, 1 W, 2 POR, 2 PAR, 1 L) due to hatch in a week. The other 11 are wildcards may not keep any (again questionable breeder).

I am not sure if I should start a paint flock and a BBS? I hate to sell these chicks. I have just ordered a second coop and know I will need a third. I was thinking keep 3 or 4 of the paint chicks and pair them with catdance blk (fingers crossed it hatches, or white).

I hate to sell any of the Catdance chicks when they hatch but I don't think I can use the lavender, porcelain or partridge in my breeding pens. Sell them to buy the 3rd coop??

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