Starting out - Sharp sand?

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  1. Lill

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    Apr 25, 2016
    I'm starting out in the world of keeping chickens, six Pekin bantams will be coming to live with me in a couple of weeks.My 8ft X 6ft coop/run is arriving tomorrow. After lots of research (namely here) we are going for gravel and sand for the run flooring. Is 'sharp' sand the right sand? I'm ordering from Wickes (UK).
  2. barneveldrerman

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    The sharp sand seems like it would do the job.
  3. HennyPenny2

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    I have regular sand as that is all I could get around my area, I get a truck load or two. I've used it for 9 years and works great but if I could probably get river sand or what I think is what you are calling sharp sand I probably would as it would at least provide grit and maybe even better drainage, however they may not be able to take a good dust bath in it if it has too many rocks. Mine love the regular sand for taking dust baths in and laying out sunbathing in it lol.

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