Starting with hatchery stock?


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5 Years
Nov 10, 2016
I think this is a great idea. Brown Leghorns aren't the breed my eye and heart love the most, but I was able to obtain really top quality stock from a top breeder in the US and I have learned SO much from them. You can FEEL quality when you put your hands on them, and I realized I had never experienced what a quality bird felt like in hand before. I'm not working hard on them, but I'm keeping them around as a quality benchmark for other breeds and they help me realize how far I have to go, and how much more important type and substance and vitality are than the things that we can all judge from pictures like combs and patterns.
In this vein, I say: get both.

A quality breeding group. (Rooster, two or three hens) and a run of NH Reds.

If the breeder is local enough, they are a resource. I'm sure they would want to see their line be successful.

Lessons learned can be applied to the NH Reds immediately.

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