Steinbacher pictures

Beautiful Geese but I don't know of any breeders on here. The breed past is quite sad though
There are a few good breeders out there. However, it's expensive to import birds. I believe there are a few breeders in the US but they probably have long waiting lists.
If you do a google search, you will get a lot of photos, and also a couple of websites for breeders in the USA.

I don't know any of those breeders, so you are on your own about evaluating whether or not to purchase from them.
Don't know anything about these folks but will post to maybe help:
In Backyard Poultry::::

Kreb's Farm: Bernd & Mari Krebs, 1043 E. John Beers Rd., Saint Joseph, MI, 49085.
<[email protected]>
Adult exhibition & breeding pairs, Rare Blue Steinbacher Kampf geese

Hope this helps!!

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