Step by step on training Homers?

Soph xo

10 Years
Jan 17, 2010
I'll be purchasing a homing pigeon next month and want to train him to home.
I'm very novice so could people with homers please give me some advice?
My friend is also buying one, we wanted to be able to send messages to each other (stupid I know but we thought it would be cool
What's the step by step guide to training them? I know I have to buy him young, and I've been doing a bit of research, but what works best for you?
How old is the bird... IF you don't have any other birds you need a few homers are groupies. DO you have a coop with cage outside for airing out?

Depending on age there really is no training other than to let them fly and get them to return to the coop for feed. It has been 40 years since I had homers, when I was younger I had a coop of 80 racing birds. Great sport, lots of fun especially when they are flying!

Let me know circumstances, number of birds, coop? Type of traps etc. You might want to email directly [email protected].

You can help train older birds by clipping their fights and letting them out on and around the coop. There are nine flight feathers - only need to clip or pull the longest 4. They will stay at your coop.. They need time to develop the sense that this is their home. After the wing flight feathers molt and grow back they will be ready to home. Birds need to be out and about even it they cant fly. They will fly around circling your property and land on the coop and go in for food. Don't feed before flying them. Whistle to them always when you feed them Then when they are flying whistle and have feed ready in the coop. They will hear and see you then fly down to the coop quickly. After flying don't let them mess around outside. Get them in the coop and eating. Do this a few times letting them fly longer each time. This is the joy of having homers... flying them. It is a wonderful time especially if you raise them from eggs... easy to do and very enjoyable as well as cheaper than buying.. I would start with (2) a pair is best for you first birds.

That is about all there is to it. Then exchange birds with your friend and let them go with your message. Not silly.... Much fun..... I did it just that way. Had a ball and stayed out of trouble. They might not come back due to accidents, wires, hawks, but if they are well they will return.

Good Luck You are in for a great time!
Wow thanks for all the information!
Mum and Dad have drawn the line at one (I'm only 16 and still live at home), can I still get one? Or will it get lonely? He will be housed with three silkies...
My coop has a house and a run, yes.
I'm really excited! Thank you for all your info it was really helpful
when we buy the pen of them just tell your mum they come in pegeon pairs and that you will break its heart by separating it lol so then u can hav to but dont tell her till the day....... u must wait to make it work like my mother still thinks i REALLY want a pig for the surgery hahahahaha
Lol I suspect they'll pull the whole 'One or none' thing

I'll just disguise one of the silkies as a pigeon... Can't be too hard
When you keep only one pigeon and allow it to fly out of the coop, eventually it will fly off with another pigeon that it comes across when the mating urge arrives. Ahhh ! Such is love.
Oh *great* Lol.
Silly pigeons and their hormones...
I'll try and persuade Mum to let me get two...
Maybe she'll cave, although I doubt it.
just wait untill we bourght them then tell her u must take 2 otherwise if we sold the rest at another auction they would be inhumanely killed and eaten - maybe thatll work..... goodluck
silly pigeons why cant they interbreed with silkies?? geeez thier so picky.....

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