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Dec 12, 2013
By far my favorite is as well The Stand (full version).
I recently read The Long Walk and I couldn't really fall in love with it. :/
I haven't read that one. He started losing me around the time of "Insomnia".

But the old books I read again and again. His Richard Bachman (sp?) books were good too..."Thinner" was great!


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Aug 26, 2014
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General discussion about the King universe:
What are your favorite books, which ones did you not like that much, etc...
"The Stand" (uncut version), of COURSE, is my all-time favorite King novel. I, too, read it at least once a year. However, I do love-love-love "The Dark Tower" series (the film sucked beyond compare). Intriguingly enough--having read others' comments before posting--my favorite "Bachman Book" of King's is "The Long Walk"; I've read it many, many times & even wrote a thesis on it in college.
I am not a fan of King's work post-accident. He changed; major brain trauma will do that to a person, & so can debilitating, chronic pain. The combination of the two has made King an angry, cynical, rather hateful individual. Where previously his work centered on themes of neighbor-helping-neighbor (Americans helping America) to overcome horror(s) of every unimaginable sort, & the reader could generally hold-out hope for at least a partial 'happy' ending, his work after his tragic accident became much much darker & decidedly ANTI-American. It seemed as if King maimed & killed characters simply to satisfy some personal vendetta rather than to push the plot forward. Even his main characters feel angry & disillusioned; they aren't so much protagonists anymore as they seem to be antagonists in King's mis-wired mental universe... And I find it incredibly interesting at how many of you have said that you prefer his older works over his new stuff. That tells me that you have seen/felt the change in him as well, but perhaps haven't been able to put your finger on exactly what bothered you about his more recent writing.

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