Stevenson, WA/CI Western National Results?

Mr. Ree

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Feb 7, 2007
South Central, KY
Does anyone have the results from this show yet? I know it took place on the 16-17, this past weekend. Was just wondering if any of the results were in, or if anyone went?

Joe Mazur I believe was champ of show again with his bantam white cochins. Two of his cochins got ch featherleg and rs champ featherleg. I can't remember who reserve ch of show was. I know ch asiatic was a lovely black standard cochin, Jean Ribbeck's white cockerel was on Ch row, as was a Std cornish and buff orp from Brian Roblin, Chmp waterfowl was two call ducks, Chmp goose was my Dewlap Toulouse gander,... sorry, trying to pull it from memory but I remember the featherlegs best as I show silkies.

I was lucky enough to get BB with a white silkie cockerel and RB with a black silkie pullet, RV with a blue pullet, and BV with a white SG (but there weren't many showgirls there, to my chagrin, because it was cochin national Sheryl Butler brought more cochins than silkies). Karen of Catdance got BV with a blue silkie pullet, and BV with a buff pullet.

What specific breed did you want results from?
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The calls were Mahlums waterfowl, I believe.

Joe had an INCREDIBLE pair of mottleds there, the only two in the show (sorry, mottled bantam cochins). Sheryl Butler and Marjorie Best also had some nice cochins there for Cochin National. Sheryl has some incredible whites.
You answered what I was wanting to know. Thank you! I was wanting to know more about the Cochins since it was the Wester National, more specifically the Frizzles.


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