Sticky afterbirth stuff on chicks?


6 Years
Apr 30, 2013
Two chicks that I have hatched had this sticky afterbirth stuff on them that did not dry off. Instead, it hardened and got worse after drying. Both of those chicks died. Now there is a duckling in its shell that seems like it may have the same thing happening to it. I wet the membrane, since it always turns dry and leathery. How can I help it?!?!?!


8 Years
Jul 24, 2011
ES of MD , USA
Once everyone has hatched take the chicks with the sticky stuff on into the bathroom. Turn the shower on hot and steam up the room. With a warm cloth or paper towel let the dampness soak into the dried stuff until it becomes pliable enough to pick or peel off. Be gentle though, as the skin is very thin and loose, too rough and you will take skin with it.

I would look at your humidity during hatch, I have this problem only with high humidity or hard fluctuations in humidity (good humidity then someone opens the door on the incubatorand the goop dries only takes seconds for this to happen).

Good Luck.

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