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    Last year I decided to start raising chickens and sent my husband to tractor supply to get chicks. I told him I wanted good egg laying chickens and he brought home a flock of cornish rocks....MEAT BIRDS, Needless to say, we raised them up and the neighbors dog or or the other couldn't resist them one night and killed the flock late into the fall. I waited till now and went to my local feed and seed store to get some egg laying chicks. The man I deal with all the time had some golden comets, so I got 10 of them. I understand they are great egg layers, but since they are a hybrid sex linked chicken, can the eggs be fertilized by say a RIR rooster. I would eventually like to be able to either incubate the eggs or have a hen doing the raising for me. I know these ones are all hens since they are sex linked, but I can pick up a RIR rooster or other kind all day long once they get old enough to start laying. Just wondered if anyone knew. I am still a newbie at this.


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    Good question.
    I don't know what the Golden Comets are mixed with; probably Leghorn and something else.
    Even if you bred them with an RIR or Barred Rock, Australorp, or any other good egg layer, I'm sure the new hens will lay well since the egg laying breeds you mixed them with are good egg layers.
    That's just my

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