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    I usually let my hens hatch out the eggs, but with so many people incubating, it gave me the fever!!! I have an Little Giant with no fan. I let it run for 2 days and the temp & humidity held where it was supposed to be. I loaded 22 eggs in it yesterday and this morning, the temp read 101 and the humidity was 52. My only concern is not having a fan in it. Will this hurt my hatch? I have both holes plugged now. I know when it gets closeer, I have to unplug the holes I think....Any help is appreciated![​IMG]

  2. I believe that forced air incubators do get better hatches. I would open 1 of the holes halfway on day 18. Thats what I do with my styrafoam hatcher.
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    Keep the temp. at 101 at the top of the egg.
    the fan help if you hatch eggs of different size.

    The vent hole are to help control the humidity, open to lower ,close to raise.

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    I have 2 LG still-airs and was told to hold temp at 102 with around a 40-42% humidty.Turn 3x's a day,and leave alone on day 18-21.But I also have been reading about dry incubation,so I cant really tell ya.We are still trying to get above a 50% hatch rate.I would love to know more myself.
    Lets see what the pros say on this one,cause I'm a newbie myself.

  5. I hatched Silkies in my LG without a fan for 4 of the 5 years I owned it! I used to get 100% hatches before we moved. This new (very old) house we are in is really drafty and I didn't do so good as I used to.

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