Still Air Vs Forced Air In Styro Bator


9 Years
Jan 13, 2011
Poestenkill NY (Averill Park address)
Over the years I have hatched eggs in prob 20 diff styles and types of incubators. Everything fron the little chickubators that look like a mini spaceship, to home made versions made out of mini refrigerators, or picnic coolers, to built from scratch, to several styles of styro type incubators. For the present I am using forced air styro bators. Something that I am observing that I would love opinions on from others is the following. Forced air incubators do a fine job of getting the developing chicks to the point of lockdown. Lockdown seems to be where the probs seem to occur. I don't recall having issues in lockdown with still air incubators. What seems to be happening is that even tho the humidity is at high levels, often 80% or more, once the chicks pipp the membrane dries and you get a stuck chick that sometimes needs help, or left without help dies in the shell without ever zipping. I think this is happening because even tho the air is humid, the air movement seems to dry the membrane and sometimes the chick. After the hatch that I am currently going thru, I will not be setting more eggs for a while. I have desided to install a fan kill switch in my bator and when they go into lockdown, im killing the fan and adjusting the temp as if it was a still air bator. I am not certain of the outcome, this will be an experiment but its worth a try. Have any of you tried what I am proposing, if so please let us all know what your results have been. Thanks in advance for any and all comments.
I've had issues with the fan running during lock down too. I now incubate with a fan until lockdown and then move them to a different incubator without a fan and I seem to be getting less shrink wrapped chicks.
I am not going to say if you are right or wrong.. just my point of view.. I have a 2000 egg incubator that has a fan that moves your hair when you open the door.. no shrink wrapped chicks in there..

I would not jump to conclusion about that tiny fan in those small styro bators..

I would look for another possible cause.. It could be your humidity .. It might be due to how many times you opened the bator.. maybe the bator was opened while there was a pip..
your points are all well taken, however i don't recall having anywhere near the number of issues in lockdown when i was using a still air incubator. I am going to give it a try next hatch with test eggs to see the results. I really do appreciate your input, ill keep everyone posted as to the results. Thanks again

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