Still getting fertile eggs after 18 days

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12 Years
Apr 24, 2010
South Carolina
I had to get rid of a mean roo 18 days ago but my girls are still laying fertile eggs! I don't have any other roo's even close enough to breeding age, they are only two and a half weeks old. I am surprised they are still fertile, I thought the fertility would have dropped off after 10-14 days but the fertile eggs are still coming. My DH says my roo must have been a real stud lol
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I had a aussie roo and wr roo in my flock.When I wanted to breed then white rocks I seoerated the girls for 21 days then put the wr roo in with them and waited 3 days befoere gathering eggs and still got two black chicks. New rules wait four weeks then save eggs.
It's unusual for them to still be fertile after 3 weeks, but there have been very rare occasions when folks have had chicks obviously sired by the former rooster after 4 weeks. For the most part, you're good to go if you wait 21 days or so.

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