still molting in cold times?


11 Years
Dec 30, 2008
hollister, florida
well all my girls are still molting and i dont know what to do it was like 60 degrees outside this morning its getting colder and colder everyday. my coop doesnt have electricity, im really scared to bring an electrical cord out there cause ive seen so many coop fires and the flock burning to death it scares me really bad. is there anything i can do to the coop to make it more warm by itself? also what can i give them to gain a bit more weight before winter hits ive doubled their food and they free range all day theres a bit of weight gain but not much i think if they are well fatter they will stay warmer. thank you in advance for all your replies.
The 60's are not cold for a chicken. People will be posting pictures of their molting chickens in the snow, in a few months. If you want to make sure your chickens are comfortable, Make sure the coop is dry and draft free. Some people believe that feeding scratch helps chickens stay warm. I don't know if it is true, but a little scratch won't hurt them.

There is nowhere in Florida you will ever need to worry about heat. Chickens are built for the cold; they have their own down coat and will not be bothered during a moult, either. It's the summers that are hard on them. All they need is to be free of drafts and a roof to get out of the rain. On the other hand, in the summer they can die of heat stroke without some preventive measures.

The myth about scratch warming them has been researched and is not true.
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One of my four Buff Orps exploded one day recently and now she looks like this: (all the other girls molted a month ago already)



Guess which one she is...

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