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  1. Bobererato

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    Jul 2, 2019
    Good morning,
    I lost my roo, Bob a month ago and I never knew how much I'd miss that guy until he was gone. He was the first to greet me when I got home, and follow me around the yard. He was a gentle sweet boy. But the illness that got him is still visible in two of my hens which are separated from my other girls. Once they are better I now have a place to keep my new guy once he finds me.
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  2. I’m so sorry for your loss.
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  3. LizzzyJo

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    Dec 14, 2018
    Northwest Ohio
    I am so sorry to hear this! I'm sure there are lots of people on here who would love to rehome one of their roos to such a loving home. Where are you geographically?

    PS: look how similar our avatars are! Blues for life ;)
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  4. Chick-N-Fun

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    Jun 26, 2014
    Corning, NY
    I am so sorry for you loss! Bear hugs to you and your sweet too! :hugs I hope he finds his way back home......:fl
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  5. MedleyHart

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    Jul 22, 2019
    I have 4 roos I'm looking to rehome. Wishing you lived in North Texas and liked my pretties.

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  6. BlueBaby

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    It might help you to find another roo if you at least add your general location. Someone who lives close to you might have an extra one that you could have.
  7. aart

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    Nov 27, 2012
    SW Michigan
    My Coop
    What is the illness and how are you treating it?

    Roosters are pretty easy to find, seems someone always has a few they need to get rid of.
    Of course that carries the risk of getting 'bad/problem' birds...
    ....and of bringing in other pests and diseases.
  8. Bobererato

    Bobererato In the Brooder

    Jul 2, 2019
    My vet gave me two different types of antibiotics that should have worked. She doesn't have the items to test for the type of infection it is so she gave me some yellow power to mix with water for them to drink. I don't have the name of it with me but it is working. She said it was a type of cure all the old timers used. And since I keep them separated I now have a place to keep new flock members before I introduce them for.
  9. Bobererato

    Bobererato In the Brooder

    Jul 2, 2019
    Me to especially if one is super nice. I wish you the best in finding forever homes for your boys.
  10. legojenn

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    Feb 10, 2018
    Aylmer QC
    I'm surprised that it would be a challenge to find a roo. I'm on a couple of poultry buy/sell/trade groups and there are always roos that people are trying to save from the slow cooker. Many of these people will deliver. I'm sure that there are multiple groups where you are.

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