Still Wondering What Color My Handsome Male Sebestopol Alabaster is???

Discussion in 'Geese' started by JordanFamily, Jul 31, 2010.

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    Here is updated pics... Any new ideas???? He is 5 months old! Both his parents were buffs....
    You can see he is mostly white with some darker feathers here and there. He has a darker feather growing on the top of his head and under his left eye... Does this make him a splash of some kind? What color??? Look at that dirty color mixed in on his wings back and tail... What color is that???? Does not look blue at all but looks more like dirty antique white... but not as yellow as antique white or as light... Almost looks lke a white bird that went through some muddy water, but that is his color. His neck, head and breast are white with the odd light colored feather here and there... He has some feathers that are all white, some that are that muddy color with bright white along the edges and a couple of feathers here and there that are that solid dirty color... Thanks for your ideas...

    This pic shows one of the dirty colored feathers pretty good. He has alot of them on his rear and here and ther throughout his plumage but you can't see them good on a photo unless you put the camera directly infront of one because the flash makes them look like white feathers with shadow on them....

    This pic shows the dark feather growing on top of his head:

    This pic shows the little dirty colored beauty mark under his left eye:

    Here he is between my two whites... The camera does not show the dirty color very well because it is a light color against white...
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  2. Jenifer Kraus

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    Jun 16, 2010
    He could end up being a carrier, but he is not a Buff for sure. Buff to buff gives buff. Buffs usually have a brown eye, his look blue. Very pretty feather for a young bird.
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  3. JordanFamily

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    Archie, MO
    Quote:Buff to buff must also make another color because both his parents were buff for sure....
  4. Cottage Rose

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    Weirder things have happened! [​IMG]
    I have a white goose from at least 2 generations of known white x white
    parents and grandparents that when bred to a saddleback produced white, sb and solid grey
    offspring when she should of produced nothing but all white offspring split to sb.
    Are you sure its not just a mix up?
    Sometimes we get the eggs, even goslings mixed up
    before we can band them.
    Human error you know.
    He looks like a white split to some color.
    Whites that are color gene carriers get those little blacks spots.
    As for the feathers coming off his back...the grey wash is probably just a fluke variation.
    He could have some unknown color in his background which can come through sometimes.
    You know...a throw-back.
    I got 2 grey & white (pied) goslings this year from saddleback x white.
    With these colored Sebastopols their gene pool is so big and varied
    that anything can come through sometimes. (mutations)
    I know a breeder that is getting alot of weird variations from her colored Sebastopols.
    I would consider your gander a white that is a color carrier.
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