Stinky breath.. problem???

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    Oct 24, 2009
    Last night I started treating my chicken for scaly leg mite....

    As I was getting them off the perch one at a time (by torchlight) and rubbing the Vaseline on their legs I noticed a stinky smell. [​IMG]

    It was coming from the hen I was holding... and it was her breath.

    I then had to pick up each chicken and smell them too!!!!!!! It was only this one hen that stinks.

    I have read that there is a disease called Coryza that can cause this.....BUT she does not seem sick at all... today I was watching her... she is very healthy looking and lively and laying eggs.. I even saw here do a poop... and it was normal too.

    Do I need to be worried? Can they get stinky breath by eating nasty things while out of the coop? I am going to re treat the scaly leg tonight and will give her another sniff....

    honestly this things I do for my chickens... glad none of my friends know I go around sniffing chickens in the night by torchlight and rubbing grease on their feet!!!!!!! [​IMG]

    (I have put some ACV in the water container today to see if that helps).
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    She might just have bad breath.
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