Stinky Dog part two


8 Years
Feb 14, 2011
Huntsville, Alabama
I asked earlier for help for a dog with really bad body odor and got some good suggestions like:
Change his food. nothing with corn in it. He is now on plain beef and rice.
Use antibacterial soap
Baking soda brush out.
I called two breeders of bernese mountain dogs and neither had ever heard of a bmd's being smelly.
I"ve tried everything I can think of without the slightest improvement. I'm really hoping someone has a new suggestion.

I've owned dogs all my life and never had this problem before, and I'm getting panicked about solving this
problem as I want my doggy indoors.

He is a big (over 100lbs) dog and just turned a year Dec 30. You can bathe him with every kind of soap
and deodorant and he stinks so bad by the next day outdoors he goes. He is house trained and rather
neat in his habits. His fur is thick and wavy and his skin is fresh without scaling or sores. Right after bathing
his fur is sleek and shiny, but by the next day its dull and petting him will leave a cloying odor to everything he touches.
After a couple days just bringing him in for a couple of hours will leave a room reeking hours later. It's like
he sweats an oily doggy yucky substance, though I know dogs aren't suppose to sweat. I need to solve this
before summer as Alabama is intolerably hot outside for a large breed dog. HELP


8 Years
Feb 14, 2011
Huntsville, Alabama
He doesnt smell like poo, just bad doggy with the volume turned way up!!! The
vet doesnt take me seriously because I give him an extreme bath before
visits. My car would ruined if he just hopped in normally. I can't bath him
daily, especially during the winter. I can manage a weekly bath but feel
I would start giving him skin problems if I overdo it. I did bathe him too
much this summer and he developed bad dandruff. Currently he gets
a weekly bath or less as I'm starting to give up. The bad side of that is no
one wants to pet or play with him. I"ve used dog deodorant soap, human shampoo, vinegar
rinses, antibacterial soap, baking soda. Trust me I'm not a clean freak. I have, cattle,
chickens, horses, ponds, and cats. Any ole day I will toss my muck boots in the back of my car
and I actually like the smell of horse manure and hay. Teddy is the best companion
dog out there. He is like a cuddly living teddy bear that's dying to have someone snuggle with him.

I've bleached the sun room he stays in as well as the decking and his very large dog house. I believe
I need an internal cure, as the outside of the dog as well as his surroundings have been repeatedly
scoured many times. His ears have been cleaned with ear cleaner and dosed in mite killer. He has
white teeth and fresh breath. Am I the only one that has a stinky dog? I think armpit sweat in humans
has more fat in it hence the stronger odor than other sweat, and there's something to do with hormones
in humans but I have no idea what is causing this bad smell or what to do about it...Surely someone
has come across this before???


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Oct 10, 2008
Northern CA
He might have severe food allergies. Maybe look into raw or a very high-quality grain free food. He might even be allergic to certain types of meat, but there are many other possibilities. I hope you get this figured out.


9 Years
Apr 12, 2010
Durango, CO
I am just going to throw this out there along with all the other wonderful posts...

Could he have a stomach bacteria that is causing him to smell? (Candida I think it's called) I had a friend with a mix dog that stunk to high heaven! She started mixing some yogurt in with her food and the problem was resolved in about a month. You could also get some pro-biotics to mix in his food.


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9 Years
May 27, 2010
Reno, Nevada
this is going to sound like it is coming from left field but..


Dogs are sincerely not meant to be bathed this much. I know the stench is awful but you arent doing you or him any favors. Everytime you bathe him youre washing off the oils that help DEFLECT odor and dirt from his fur and skin. It is also the reason that his fur has no shine and is dull and clumpy. From what i have heard and read dogs should really only get baths four times a YEAR. Of course there is always an exception to the rule and this could have nothing to do with anything.

that aside he could have a yeast infection. When my dog gets them he stinks so bad. Almost like old fritos. Maybe try letting your dog get really stinky and then take him to the vet so that they can properly see what the smell is and start taking you seriously


9 Years
Apr 22, 2010
It sounds like he has a fungal skin infection or something. I think the vet needs to see him....I mean smell him....he needs to go to the vet smelly.


10 Years
Nov 2, 2009
North Texas
That is what I was thinking too. If it is worse than just "dog smell", it is probably some sort of skin infection. Someone once told me that mange smells like corn nuts. Im not saying he has mange, but I still think a vet needs to see him "smelly"

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