Stockton, CA, chicken laws?

Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by HHandbasket, Mar 9, 2011.

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    I am hoping someone from Stockton can enlighten me. I have read a law that says that in the city of Stockton, you cannot legally keep chickens or fowl of any kind, exotic birds, or even reptiles. How accurate is this information? I am asking because our landlords are selling the house we presently live in over here in Sacramento. However, they have another house in Stockton they're willing to rent to us, and they have no problem with us having chickens.

    I cannot find any laws/ordinances regarding fowl for San Joaquin County (i.e., outside of Stockton city limits... this house *may* be outside the city limits & I will find out for sure today or tomorrow).

    Just trying to cover all my bases and hoping to get a response from someone who lives there.

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    Mar 11, 2014
    Did you ever get to find out about the poultry laws for San Joaquin county?
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    Stockton California
    I would like to know too
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    I live right off of Hammer and I-5! Help can I have chickens? I already have 8 almost 3 week old chicks!! I too am having a hard time finding the right info... I guess I can always call City Hall on Monday.
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    Stockton, California
    According to:
    you can. Unfortunately, according to Animal Control Officer Etter #1632 they are not. If someone could amend that page others may not find out the same way I did. I'm now having to re-home my 4 hens as 6.04.420 states it is unlawful to keep any fowl except where permitted within a particular zone:

    I hoped since 6.04.440 specifically mentioned rooster(s) or cockerel(s) I could get away with my calm, quiet breed:

    According to 16.80.060 Poultry or Fowl (not including rooster(s) or cockerel(s) may only be kept in zones:RE,IG and require a minimum 1/2 acre lot and 50 feet setback from property lines:

    I'm still trying to find where zone RE is, but it really doesn't matter as I'm in RL. My neighbors seem to be more upset by my hen announcing an egg at 6:30 am a couple days ago than the dog that has barked for the last few years at 1-4 am for an hour to get let back in the house:

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