Stole eggs from the duck, help.

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    Apr 10, 2017
    Historically not the most capable mother duck, she only hatches a very small number (years past, most I've seen together was 3) and then the cat gets the live ducklings. This year, I accidentally found her nest before the hatch, ordered an incubator, got it set up & running, and then stole her eggs hoping for a better outcome. Mallard ducks, coastal mountain range of southern Oregon. She gave away her nest on the 2nd, while I was gathering free range eggs from the chickens. I stole her eggs on the 7th. This morning when I candles I noticed that one of the ducklings had stopped moving (movement in all eggs yesterday) and the blood vessels were no longer as clearly defined as yesterday either. How many days would you all guess the little one is? [​IMG]
    Sorry, I washed it before I thought of getting a pic to help with figuring out a date for lockdown. Prior to this discovery, they were going to move to the hatcher this morning.

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