Stomping Girls - Mosquitos??


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Jan 31, 2016
Southeast Missouri
My six hens have been stomping on their roost for the past few nights. After doing some research, I was concerned we had mites, but I went into the coop tonight right at sunset and did a feather and vent check. As far as i could tell, there were none on them.

I did see mosquitos just dive bombing their legs and feet though! I also saw a few (less than 10) tiny black bugs that looked like they had wings. When i crushed one, it had bright red blood inside.

Any ideas on what those little bugs could be?

Also, what do y'all use to keep mosquitos off your girls? I feel awful for them, they see miserable!!
I generally do nothing other than keep birds in good nutrition. If birds in enclosed environment then consider using one of the plant extracts or even plants themselves that repel mosquitoes. Make so scent concentrated in area around birds. Effect if working should be immediate.
I agree with hanging sprigs of herbs/plants that repel flying critters.

Another suggestion that I have that works for me is a fan in one of the coop windows. Air flow helps keep most mosquitoes/flying nuisances at bay. I look on my cam at night and all birds are roosting/sleeping comfortably - no scratching, stomping or disturbed sleep.

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