Stopped laying due to a predator


5 Years
Sep 19, 2014
I went through a predator attack a few weeks back and my hens stopped laying. Unfortunately the predator is my neighbors dog and is still alive. He will come out and bark but they don't seem to pay much attention to him. I secured the fenceline shortly after and he can no longer get into our yard. Our dogs however mingle with the chickens and are very docile with them. Any idea how long till they start laying again? Would it help if seperated our chickens from our dogs till they felt more comfortable?
What is the age of your chickens?
If they are ~18 months old they maybe molting....or it could be the shortening days are ceasing their laying.
They have already been through a molt. They are about 2 years old. I assumed it was due to the attack because they stopped abruptly the day after. Actually I thought one was molting because he tailfeathers looked scraggly but my wife inspected it and said they were broken. I guess she had a close call during the attack.
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It can take some time before your girls de-stress from the attack on them. That, coupled with the fact that the days are getting shorter, getting colder, and the possibility that they just may go into a mild molt again....I would say you just have to be patient with them and let things calm down. They should be back to normal soon enough. But remember that your egg production WILL decrease now that we are heading into the winter months...I look at it this way, they've given me beautiful eggs all summer long and now they get a deserved rest.
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OK, thanks. I agree on the rest, they did work hard this summer, lol.
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