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Maybe, maybe not. I really messed up my hatch this last time and still had 17 hatch out of 30. First I discovered I was at 95 d for the first week. I upped the temp to 101.5 for the next two weeks but I had a temp spike to 104 for I don't know how long. I didn't expect any to hatch but I went ahead and stopped turning at day 18. The 17 hatched at day 23 & 24! Go figure. I would have had two more but I tried to help the two first to pip thinking they were stressed. I should have just let them be.
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I have a question about turning. Don't your incubators have automatic turners? and don't they have timers? I don't have an incubator but am considering since I can't find any breeders in my area for the breeds I want.


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Mar 25, 2009
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The turners are pre-set (basically a constant running motor) to turn the eggs 4-6(?) times a day. I don't believe there is any way to adjust this.

Most of the time the turner is unplugged, the eggs are removed from the turner, the turner is removed from the incubator (if the same incubator will be used for hatching), and the eggs are placed back inside the incubator. If a different incubator is going to be used for hatching then the turner can remain in the first incubator. If the eggs are left in the turner the turner will be a icky sticky mess when hatching is over with.

All the incubators styrofoam incubators come without turners though you can buy the turners separately or either in a "combo" purchase. has combo deals at a pretty good price.

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