Stopping them from straying?

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    Now I know the obvious answer is build a fence, but my garden is very large and the fence building takes time and a lot of money. There is already a wire fence there but in places it is falling down and there are gaps. On the other side of the fence is a popular dog walking path, which obviously my hens love to get on to. They have everything they could want on this side of the fence but for some reason they love being out there. The other day I got out just in time to stop a mauling from a dog. How can I tempt them to stay this side?
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    Chickens will wander wherever they think they can get some food.
    They generally do not wander too far.
    However, if their coop is near the fenceline, they will wander across the fence.
    You can build a better fence which takes time and money.
    You can also put up temporary fencing using t-posts and deer netting.
    The dogs, however, can still get through the deer netting, but the chickens won't go through.
    You can build an enclosed run for the chickens (time/money).
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    Put the coop as far away from the dog path as you can. Chickens like to wander and three hundred feet / one hundred meters is not out of their range to wander. Try to concentrate on securing the gaps first.

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