Why don't you wash the eggs right when you bring them in from the nest? I mean if they are going in the fridge shouldn't they be cleaned right away???

Ok edited to say....I just saw on another thread where someone said they don't wash or refridgerate.....they made it sound like a good thing.....what's up with that?

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Washing them removes their natural, protective coating.

A lot of people just spot wash them of anything which doesn't belong, then wash them completely before using.
I don't wash my eggs. If they are dirty, I'll wipe with a cloth, but only right before I cook or sell them (except for the occasional really poopy egg, which goes to the dogs!). I just don't see the point as they are really clean naturally, but if you need to wash them then refridgerate it can't hurt.

Usually the only dirt they have is from the little hands that collect them, and that has been cut down on significantly by sending the kids out with an egg carton to collect into. We've even had eggs in pockets that got forgot about and crushed!

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