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This may have been asked somewhere? I am new

I would like to share some of my Pekin Duck eggs with those in my community. How do I store the incubated eggs? I only have the one female so average one a day or every 2 days. After she lays them they sit and get quite cold? Is that ruining them? I have been bringing them in before night and just put them in a bowl in the warmest room.

I just have no idea, but there are a few ads with people looking for eggs around here, I would love to help spread the ducky love

Any help much appreciated.
Like 60 degrees is good, 60% humidity. Put them in a carton, and put a book under one side to elevate it, then put the book on the other side 3 times a day or so. This keeps the yolks from sticking to the shell.
Pekin eggs? hmmm there is a lonely drake here-lol--but he has been seen in the company of a mallard henI think she may be staying the night
Tee Hee!!! Yes of course I have a drake
A real hottie too!

Wasn't that like, grade 3 biology?

Yes, they are beautiful ducks, great personalities! I will try the carton thing, not sure how to judge the humidity in the room
Well if all else fails I guess they can't look a gift egg in the mouth (shell...?)
Go get a hydrometer from the wal-mart humidifer section, the holmes one is the best for the money. Umm... believe it or not we get people who want to hatch eggs, and dont have a rooster
Whew! Big scare as I couldn't find "momma-duck" this am!! I took the kids to school and when I got back she was right there? I don't know where she was hiding!! ....Anyway....

How long in the incubator until Pekin Ducks hatch? Is it the same as chickens?
nope, i am not sure, they are not tha smae as chickens tho, i am not sure, i think like 24 days, but i dont know. Go look it up on google "hatching duck eggs" or something hopefull somebody fammilar with ducks can help

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