Storing Your Eggs

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    Refrigerate them.
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    No, you don't need a license. You need to look at the regs again. I can sell eggs from my house all day long without need for any kind of license, inspections, certifications, or forced vaccinations.

    SECTION 39-39-170. Exemptions.

    The following are exempt from this chapter:

    (1) persons who buy or sell eggs to be used exclusively for hatching purposes;

    (2) shipments of eggs in interstate commerce;

    (3) persons who sell eggs at a roadside stand near the farm on which the eggs were produced.
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    I have just returned from living in Europe for a month. In the supermarkets over there, eggs are kept on the shelf, not in the refrigerator. The eggs were very clean, so I am pretty sure they were washed. The eggs were always fresh and very flavorful, despite being washed and not refrigerated. Salmonella poisoning doesn't seem to be an issue there either. Go figure... While I am not saying that we shouldn't refrigerate our eggs. I do think that all the folks who are so critical about washing eggs should chill out a bit, take a few deep cleansing breaths and relax. As for me I have always washed the eggs from my girls and always will. Happy Fourth Everyone!
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    When I was in the service, I was stationed in Europe for a couple of years. They sell several things there that we refrigerate here. I'm not sure if the eggs are washed or not. Many years ago Mother Earth News did a test on ways to store eggs. I don't wash my eggs but do refrigerate them. Since I sell a lot of eggs, here we are supposed to have them at no higher than 45ºF. If an inspector came and inspected I could get a fine. Happy Fourth...

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