Storms and Nesting Guinea eggs


Aug 2, 2019
So my uncle had a Guinea hen setting on a nest about a week, outside of the coop. Wednesday night we had a pretty nasty storm (this is Friday morning) My uncle called and had me come pick up the eggs Thursday afternoon, because the hen had left the nest (apparently during the storm) and had not returned (about 18 to 20hrs). I took the eggs home and candled them before putting them into an incubator. All of these eggs look as if they had started to develop only now there was a red ring, in every single egg... 28 eggs. before I had left my aunt mentioned that back in the day it was said that sever weather could harm (kill) egg embryos. has anyone heard of this? and any thoughts on if that is what happen to these eggs? the development was barely started truly about a week in. Any thoughts on what might have happened (if not the storm) so i might prevent this from happening again in the future? I have ducks, bantam chickens, guineas, turkeys and geese... just want to protect future egg nesting.
No, storms don't ruin eggs. If that was the case there would hardly be any broody hatched spring chicks, because with spring showers and eggs taking 3 weeks to hatch nothing would hatch out. Usually blood rings happen in the first few days of incubation. Perhaps the guinea wasn't sitting as well as your uncle thought and was leaving the nest too often.

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