Story of my princesses


I feed chickens with italian pizza. No,I'm joking!
Apr 16, 2019
Centre of Italy
25thMarch 2014.
I'll never forgot that date because in that day my first, loved, chicks arrived at home.:)
They were seven hearts covered of feathers.
They were Ciocca, Ambra, Pantaloncina, Marina, Arancina, Giada and Vania.
I discovered with them that chickens have a very thin neck under the feathers, and other funny things, but the most important thing they teached - and teach - to me is that chickens are able to give lot of love :loveand that they get in your heart and never go away.

Four of them left for different reasons and i cried a lot for them..sometimes i still cry

Anyway, now i have my beautiful, wonderful, dearest Princesses, and I'd like you to meet : Arancina, Giada and Marina :love

i love you girls :love


In this photo from the left: Ara, Giada, Mari
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