Strange behavior in my chicken

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    Dec 12, 2011
    I incubated some chicks in March. The last one to hatch did so a good 24 hours after the rest. It looked like a penguin, hence, the name Penn Gwen. Anyway, Penn Gwen is not like any chick I've ever seen. Not to be rude nor disrespectful. ...but, I think if she went to school she'd have to ride the short bus. He/she (?) keeps up with its mates, but, something is definitely off. I think it may be blind or nearsighted. It eats and drinks ok. It just seems like she doesn't remember where the dishes are. She interacts with the others, but, is always last for a treat. The others run if I try to catch them. Penn Gwen just stands still or squats. When I do pick her up she squawks like it was a sneak attack. When I try to have her perch on my hand she has a hard time balancing and if she tries to fly away it's a hard landing every time no matter the height she flies from. She is a very sweet chicken. ..I'm just wondering what may be going on and whether she would survive once I put them into the main flock in a couple of months? Any ideas?
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    May 21, 2017
    Could you post a pic of her/his eyes?
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    Photos as suggested would be good - a video would be great;)

    I really don't know....some chickens aren't quite as savvy as others - it may be that she will catch up.

    It's interesting at her age that she squats for you - this is usually a sign of submission or getting ready to be mounted for mating.

    It's hard to tell how she will do in the main flock - is she bullied or picked on now with her current flock mates? I would think that she is lowest in pecking order with your description, but if she has some buddies, she may do o.k.
  4. chic_a_lay

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    Dec 12, 2011
    I will take a pic tomorrow. Her eyes don't seem to be cloudy. She doesn't make eye contact. Mostly the other 4 ignore her. The one rooster left tries to puff up on her and she will bow up back and stand her ground.
    This was a weird bunch all the way around. I incubated 12, 2 were none starters and 2 gave up, 4/8 are definitely roosters and I thought they didn't crow until 13+ weeks old, but, 3 have been crowing now for almost 3 full weeks. 3 seem to be hens and Penn Gwen I just can tell yet. This is her as a chick. Penn Gwen Pin Feathers.jpg Penn Gwen.jpg

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