Strange behavior in one of my chicks?


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Apr 30, 2011
My chicks are, well I'm not exactly sure how old they are. Maybe 12ish weeks or so? Anyway, I've been letting them free range during the day and I lock them up at night. I've noticed that one of the pullets ends up not in the hen house but instead she's on top of the metal garbage can where we store the food that's right up next to our house. Every night for the last few nights she's done this. I think she's the one chick who "got lost" one night. I never found her and I just figured she was a casualty and life would go on, until I saw her outside next to the locked hen house the next morning. I'm not sure because I have 3 of that kind and I'm not sure who's who because they change so much it's hard to recognize them individually. Anyway, I think she was going to sleep there for the night. Is this normal chicken behavior? She's very sweet compared to all the other pullets and is the only one who lets us touch and hold her (it's still rare, but it happens a lot more than with the others). I'm wondering if maybe she's at the bottom of the pecking order which is why she'd rather not hang with the other chicks or something? Is there something I can do to help her?
Hi, I have an EE hen that did a similar thing when she was a few months old. I tried placing her in the coop with the other birds and she would not have any of that! She is 2 years old now and she still won't have anything to do with the other chickens. I tell everyone not to tell her that she is a chicken. She would probably be upset if she knew. She acts more like a person than a hen! She is so funny, I have to put her in her own seperate box at night and let her out every morning. She is very smart, and she will walk around to all of my other lots and pens to visit the other birds, but she does not want to be with them. Her name is Willow, and she has become my favorite chicken ever.
Your bird will probably find her place in your heart with her antics. Here is a picture of my Willow.
Haha, the one chick who does this is an EE! DH will be building a bigger coop this summer and maybe she'll have to have her own "apartment" in the coop.

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