Strange Behavior


12 Years
Apr 12, 2007

We had chickens for several years, but had to give them up when we moved. Now that we are starting over I have a concern. We only have four chicken right now and they just recently got all of their feathers. Due to some unforeseen life events the coop/run isn't ready for them so they are still in the brooder at night. There are a lot of wild animals and neighbors' pets running loose during the day so we don't let them free-range, at least not yet. They are currently in the dogs kennel during the day, which I'm sure is not ideal. So I'm concerned that they may be ill or maybe they are just trying to take a simple dust bath without the dirt. I don't know, and I'm concerned. If y'all don't mind looking at this picture and telling me what you think. Three of the four birds are behaving like this. They lay on one side with the opposite foot extended and their eyes roll back while the feathers on their neck bristle. They even try pecking at food while on the ground.
Am I being overly concerned or is there a real problem going on?
Someone may disagree with me but I say they're invisibly dust bathing. Mine do that too, but for real, and the babies do it in the pine shavings. Give them a BIG shallow pan of dirt. Right out of the yard, crumbled up, mix some sand in if you want. Then they'll be taking real baths. They'll love you for it.
Thanks y'all I thought that might be what they were trying to do, but I get really anxious about something being wrong with them. I appreciate your confirming my suspicions, and I will get a pan of dirt (at least until I can get them in their new coop/run).
Just dust bathing, but it looks so weird. The first time mine did it it scared the you know what out of me.
during the winter in our enclosed run we put a couple of old dish pans filled with sand and DE. worked for a dust bath and even now when they free range, they still go there sometimes to use them, especially if the sun is shining on them.
My chicks do that in the morning to sun themselves. Scared me at first but they all jumped up when I got close. They do it almost every morning when the sun hits the brooder. It is now really cute...

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